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Carolyn Chelchinskey & Katy

Katy is a 3-year-old Shetland Sheepdog I imported her from Italy. 


I call her my little firecracker because what she lacks in size she makes up for in spunk. I have been to the FCI Agility World Championships twice with my 2 beagles, once as Team leader and last year with Katy and my border collie, Pippa. 


This is my first IFCS World Agility championships and I am really excited to be able to represent my country and run my special little firecracker.​

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Nanette Perold & Pop Corn

He is five years old and the baby of the family.


He represented SA in 2017 in Spain as an individual. He has also accumulated many accolades in his short span of agility. He also does obedience, qualified in CD, qualified in BH, started WUD and loves his nosework. He is a really energized bunny.

Samantha Wainwright & Brandi

Brandi and I started agility 8 years ago. She is a mixed breed

(we think Jack Russel Cross ) and is my first agility dog. It took

us a while to gel, as I was trying to learn the ropes while trying to teach her all about agility.


She loves the competition vibe which puts me a bit at ease.

I am looking forward to our first international experience together and know that no matter what, we will enjoy every minute of it

Roche Compaan & Sumo

Sumo is a 7-year-old Staffie cross (with a big personality!!)


He is a real cool dude who gives his ALL on the agility field.

This shows in him having won many overall mini dog national titles as well as recently becoming an Elite SADAA champion. 

It is our 3rd trip overseas with the IFCS team and we are once again looking forward to competing against the world's best. 

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Nanette Perold & Noodle

He is 9 years old and family to Pop Corn.

He is the first dog to represent South Africa in IFCS and FCI.

In 2013 he was in the team that won the bronze medal world agility. In 2014 he was in the team that won a silver medal world agility in Holland. He also represented SA in 2017 in Spain. Over the years he has accumulated many accolades and has been amongst the top minis in the country year after year.

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Phillip Fourie & Duke

Duke is my 4-year-old Border Collie, who has competed for the last 2 years.

He is an up and coming star, who is going to rock the world according to his Dad. He is a real daddy’s boy, by my side (on the bed) from when I open my eyes in the morning until he gets kisses good night before bedtime!


Apart from Agility, Duke loves swimming and diving into the dam. He is very enthusiastic when doing tricks with his dad but his obsession for squeaky toys tops it all.


This will be our first IFCS World Agility Championship and we are super excited and honoured to represent our country for the first time.​

Bronwyn van Dyk & Epic

Epic is a five-year-old Border Collie and my first raised-from-puppy agility dog. Last year was his first full year of competing with SADAA on a national level, and during that year he was awarded the National Overall Maxi Dog for 2018.


Epic loves all sports he’s come into contact with. In addition to his agility achievements, he is an Expert Trick Dog and a Flyball Champion. This will be our first overseas adventure and we are so excited to be taking part.

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Samantha Kay Stedman & Cal

Cal is a 7-Year-old Border Collie.


He is a bit of a late developer & really only came into his own in late 2017 at 6 years old!! He has shown a talent for games (snooker & gamblers) and was the national maxi games dog for 2018. This is our second trip overseas and I found it a real honour to stand with Cal on the start line in Italy last year. 


Cal is really like my BEST bud: ready to do anything, go anywhere with me! We are looking forward to our Dutch adventure and are excited to once again be part of the IFCS team!

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