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The South African Dog Agility Association or "SADAA”, is a non-profit organization which promotes the sport of Dog Agility for all purebred and mixed-breed dogs in South Africa. SADAA was established in 2001 and is affiliated to the South African Working Dogs Association (SAWDA), which is the umbrella body for several Working Dog disciplines in South Africa and internationally the International Federation of Cynological Sports (IFCS).

SADAA's main objectives are:

  • To promote and stimulate interest in agility throughout South Africa among all dog owners.

  • To raise the standard of agility by providing the necessary training and facilities to improve
    the skills of the handlers and the quality of their dogs.

  • To maintain a high standard of officiating in agility by providing the necessary training for judges and stewards.

  • To promote a spirit of good sportsmanship, making agility a sport to be enjoyed by the competitors,
    their dogs and spectators.

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