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How to become a SADAA Judge

Interested persons should be encouraged to become involved with judging (under supervision) of nonqualifying
events and will be known as a Learner Judge.

  • Any persons wishing to become judges must have assisted at trials as scribe, scorer or timekeeper for at least a year.

  • Prospective judges must attend a training course covering the rules, judging techniques and course design.

  • The training course and the trainers must be approved by the SADAA Board, who will give permission for courses
    to be held as and when necessary.

  • Prospective judges will then take a written examination on the rules, as well as practical examinations on course design and judging of five dogs over a full agility course.

  • Once the prospective judge has qualified with not less than 80% overall, he/she will be considered a Junior Judge
    and will be permitted to judge at Club Trials.

  • For each judging appointment, the Junior judge must submit his/her course designs to a Senior Judge for checking prior to the day of the trial, and a Senior Judge must be present to supervise the Junior Judge. The Senior Judge must complete a Judge’s Assessment Form for each appointment, which must be submitted to the Regional Director and the Board.

  • Once the Senior Judge is satisfied that a Junior Judge is sufficiently experienced and capable of judging at a Regional Trial, this will be reported to the Board, who will promote the Junior Judge to a Senior Judge.


Judges in Boland are:

  • Annami van Rooyen

  • Diedré Smit

  • Ella Douglas

  • Elzabi van Wyk

  • Lloyd Bristow

  • Malanie Ortmann

  • Rhyn Smit

Judges in Freestate are:

  • Jurie Smith

  • Riette Mohr 

  • Hannelie de Bruin 

  • Annamarie Otto

  • Thane Ninnemann



Judges in Gauteng are:

  • Bronwyn van Dyk

  • Candice Segal 

  • Dylan Brown

  • Germarie de Kock

  • Jacques Botha

  • Jannie Coetzee

  • Jandi du Toit

  • Sonelle van Wyk

  • Terina Vermeulen

  • Wessel Griessel

  • Heidi Coetzee

  • Jacques van Vuuren

  • Leonard Keel

  • Gaby Grohovaz

  • Cathryn Meyer

  • Dene le Riche

  • Kelly Taylor

Judges in KwaZulu-Natal are:

  • Jacqui Angus

  • Lindsay King

  • Michelle North

  • Taryn Murphy

  • Nicky Aadnesgaard



Judges in South East Coast are:

  • Nadine Shortland 

  • Samantha Stedman

  • Johlene Lenaers

  • Brett Clarke

  • Conrad van Tonder 

  • Samantha Wainwright

  • Kayleigh Heideman

  • Kath White

Judges in Western Province are:

  • Debbie Maltby

  • Phillip Fourie

  • Lizbe Henze

  • Chantal Holmes

  • Katherine Fraser

  • Jackie Duncan-Smith

  • Linda Barnard

  • Annaret Meintjes

  • Monika Frey

  • Marizelle Strydom

  • Gilliam Blem

  • Dee van Coller

  • Roxanne Bennett

  • Tam White

  • Keegan Taylor

  • Mike Taylor


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